Bioreactors and Fermenters

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    Bioreactors and Fermenters

    Solida Biotech specializes in bioprocess equipment including bioreactors, fermenters, CIP/SIP systems, and process vessels for research, development, and production; suitable for fermentation, cell culture, stem cells, renewable technologies, algae, biomass, biofuel, hydrolysis and more.

    Our services include process development and optimization, sterile process engineering, automation & software engineering, validation and certification, and turn-key projects, with all Solida Biotech equipment meeting the latest GLP, cGMP, GAMP, FDA compliance standards and offer IQ, OQ and PQ protocols.

    Typical customer bioproducts include antibiotics, biomass, vaccines, proteins, amino acids, hormones, growth factors, monoclonal antibodies, stem cells, enzymes, vitamins, probiotics, biodiesel, ethanol, algae, organic acids, fruit juice flavors, pesticides, biopolymers, fragrances and others.

    Applications include:

    • Fermentation: microbial cultures, bacteria, yeast, and fungi.
    • Cell cultures: animal cells, insect cells, human cells, stem cells,
    • Photo-synthetic: algae and plants cultures,
    • API active pharmaceutical ingredients,
    • Bio-pharmaceuticals and bio-chemicals,
    • Bio-diesel, biofuels, and ethanol,
    • Waste water treatment

    Select from our list of products including:

    • Laboratory Bioreactors

      • Compact bioreactors
        • A compact laboratory bioreactor solution characterized by great performance and ease of use, the perfect way to get started.
        • Versatile bio-console for autoclavable Bioreactors from 50mL to 30 liters working volume and Disposable from 250mL to 75 liters.
      • Modular bioreactors
        • Latest generation Modular Bioreactors, developed with industrial automation to provide greater speed, power and expandability for laboratory, pilot, and industrial scale up processes. Versatile modular system for autoclavable Bioreactors from 50mL to 30 liters, Disposable from 250mL to 75 liters and in Stainless Steel from 1L to 100 liters.
      • Parallel bioreactors
        • Parallel bioreactor systems for advanced bioprocess control and highly efficient process development.
        • Configurable solutions for microbial, phototrophic, mammalian and human cells, stem cell applications, and biofuel and biopolymer processes.
        • Parallel operation of up to 36 re-usable and single-use bioreactors from 50ml to 75 liter.
      • Photo bioreactors
        1. Laboratory, pilot and open field large scale photo-bioreactors. Customizable PBR systems are available in three different configurations: round type, air lift and flat panel.
        2. Laboratory SIP Bioreactors
        3. Modular Laboratory SIP stainless steel in situ sterilizable bioreactors, from 1 liter up to 50 liter, as well as custom fit solutions.

      Pilot & Industrial SIP Bioreactors

      • SIP stainless steel in situ sterilizable and CIP bioreactors, from 20 liters up to 50 cubic meters, custom fit and turn-key integrated solutions.
      • CIP systems and Process Tanks
      • Cleaning in place systems, sterilization units, sanitary vessels and process vessels.
      • Disposable Systems
      • Single-use Bioprocess Bags, Bioreactors, Containers and Mixing Systems 50 mL to 3,000 L volume.

    Bioprocess Analyzers

    • Multi-Assay Analyzer
    • CGas Analyzer
    • Biomass Sensor
    • Alcohol Analyzer

    Automation & Software

    • Automation & Controllers
    • Bioflex Software