Our Mission

To provide customers with the most up-to-date technology to meet their everyday scientific equipment needs and to offer competitive pricing through factory-direct sales that include warranty and technical service.

Our History

Mr. Brian Coon, former president of BCA Scientific Inc., formed BCAgencies Inc. in 1996. Brian’s prior successes include more than 25 years in scientific equipment sales, in addition to 10 years service in the Royal Canadian Navy as a registered medical laboratory technician (RT).

In 2003, Mr. Ashley Coon, P.Eng (Brian’s son), joined BCAgencies Inc. after more than 5 years in the pharma/biotech industry, working first in radiopharmaceutical research and development, and later as a quality engineering consultant.

In 2006, BCAgencies Inc. became BCA Scientific Inc., the name change better-reflecting our core market, the broader scientific community.

In December 2015, Ashley Coon became president of BCA Scientific Inc, following Brian’s retirement from the family business.

To this day, BCA Scientific Inc. continues to provide our customers with a superior sales experience, tailoring our service to our client’s needs and requirements.