Cell Incubation and Processing Isolators, Hypoxia Subchambers and Gas Controllers

BioSpherix is dedicated to providing cell researchers and clinicians with gas control systems, culture chambers, dynamic cell culture incubators, glove boxes and isolator systems for cell research and therapies in the area of Stem Cell Research, Cancer Research, Drug Efficacy Testing, In-Vitro Toxicology, and Cell-based Therapies. BioSpherix’s range of CytoCentric equipment provides a new and better way to grow and manipulate cells in vitro. Learn more

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    Cell Culture Glove Box

    BioSpherix C-Shuttle & I-Glove Glove Boxes provide a workspace with the same O2/CO2 conditions that cells live in while inside an incubator.

    The pass-through chamber of the glove box is designed to fit standard BioSpherix C-Chambers.

    The I-Glove Glove Box encloses a standard cell culture incubator to allow users to use their existing CO2 incubator inside the glove box.

    Culture Chambers

    BioSpherix Culture Chambers provide controlled isolated environments inside your incubator, for optimized control of your cell cultures. Available in four standard sizes ranging from 1, 2, 3, or 4 shelves.

    Use the C-Chambers to provide a gas tight transport of cultures from your incubator to your glove box.

    Gas Controllers

    BioSpherix Gas Controllers provide multiple options for Hypoxia / Hyperoxia Research, including independent or simultaneous control of O2 and/or CO2 in any incubator, culture chamber, or semi-sealed vessel.

    XVIVO Barrier Isolators

    BioSpherix XVIVO isolators provide a sterile environment to process cells and tissue therapies for pre-clinical, clinical and GMP-compliant cell manufacturing.

    The isolators provide a complete barrier from environmental and operator-borne sources of contamination, from start to completion of processing, with a lower risk of contamination than a conventional cleanroom.

    The XVIVO System GMP Facility is an economical and flexible alternative to conventional cleanrooms. By comparison, the XVIVO System reduces facility costs ten-fold (ie. 90% reduction) over traditional brick-and-mortar facilities.

    Features include complete environmental monitoring and control during the production process, in addition to providing reduced processing times.

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